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Thanks for signing my petition to save our homes

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In 2020, Westminster had over 13,000 short-term lets, at the expense of longer-term housing.


And in 2019, the City of London had the highest amount of short-term lets in London, with 72% of these being entire homes.

We believe that this is reducing the number of homes available for local people and can also lead to anti-social behaviour.

The Government has finally published it’s plans for a short term lets registration scheme.

But it does not go far enough.


We call on the Conservatives to go futher to save our homes and:

1.      Introduce a compulsory registration scheme

2.      Introduce powers for local councils to prosecute the hosts for anti-social and illegal activity

3.      Revise the current bureaucratic and slow mechanisms proposed so that local councils can restrict the number of short term lets in an area

Agree? Sign my petition below.

Thanks for signing!

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