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Thanks for signing our petition on crime and ASB


I support Labour's Plans on Crime and ASB:

1. Bring back neighbourhood policing by putting 13,000 extra neighbourhood police and Police Community Support Officers on our streets, paid for by centralising backroom functions, saving the police hundreds of millions of pounds.

2. Rebuild public trust and confidence in our police, particularly among marginalised communities, by carrying out an overhaul of our police standards system and reforming vetting processes.

3. Tackle criminal gangs operating on the channel, with a new elite squad in the National Crime Agency working across Europe, paid for by scrapping the expensive, unworkable, unethical Rwanda policy.

4. Introduce a Victims’ Bill that will strengthen victims’ rights and protections and ensure they are no longer treated as an afterthought.

5. Tackle the epidemic of violence against women and girls, by delivering specialist support for victims in every force to get justice for women and putting domestic abuse experts in police
control rooms.

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